New Right System //18-08-2016
Server Groups:
  • Administrator
    • Server - Name, Slots, Description, Banner, Icon URL, Tooltip etc.
    • Channel - Create, Change, Move, Delete
    • Client - Kick, Ban (permanent), Move
  • Manager
    • Channel - Create, Change, Move, Delete
    • Client - Kick, Ban (30 minutes), Move
  • Registered
    • Channel - Higher join value (means, you can join other channels than just guest talk 1/2)
    • Client - Move (guests only)

Channel Groups:
  • Channel Commander (area based - no general permissions to modify all channels on the server)
    • Channel - Create, Change, Move, Delete
    • Client - Kick (Channel only), Ban (10 minutes), Move (limited to the area and the welcome channel)
  • Known
    • Channel - Ignore channel passwords (limited to channel area)
  • User
    • No permissions (basic permissions)

Server Lag //29-06-2016
We had a quick packet loss of over 50% for a few seconds last night.
Long story short, someone DDOS'd us again but our firewall catched all that flood within 20 seconds.

I'd like to apologize for any inconvenience caused,
Group Reset //26-06-2016
I have removed all clients out of the Administrator, Manager and Contributor group.
Reason for this is basically we had way too many administrators and staff members on the server.
To get your group back simply leave me a PM and I will give you your rights/group back.